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Alkaline Water Health Benefits


1. Patented constant water pressure system.
2. Automatic variable frequency step-less alkaline water regulating system.
3. Japan filter cartridge could remove lead and heavy metals. Its carbon fibre could anti-bacteria to gain the water hygiene effect.
4. High-level alkaline water could release the toxin of vegetables and fruits as well as the high level acidic water could restrain the growth of bacteria.


5. Display and correct the ORP value and PH level.
6. Maintain OPR value in the range of -250~-400mv to gain the best capability of anti-oxidize.
7. Automatic reverses flush to the electrolytic cell.
8. Durable lifetime electrode and ceramic diaphragm are imported from Japan.
9. Equipped with current over-flow and over-heat protection design and heat release system.
10. High efficiency power saving circuit technology applied.


1. Electrode platinum baked titanium for municipal tap water.

2. Electrolytic cell 7 pc huge electrode plates.

3. Electrolysis area electrode plate size: 9 x 12=108cm2/pc. in total 1296cm2.

4. Size: W23 x D14 x H33 cm.

Alkaline Ionized Water – Health Benefits

Quickly becoming one of the largest trends in the world of health and alternative medicine, alkaline water is the new way people are enjoying water. By subjecting normal tap water to a process called electrolysis, individuals have been able to separate water into two different chemical compositions. One component of the water is the acidic water, the other alkaline water. It is said that extended use of ionized alkaline water systems is the secret to fighting aging and a number of degenerative illnesses.

How it works: Using an alkaline water machine or alkaline water ionizer system, regular tap water is essentially separated into two different parts at a molecular level. Positively and negatively charged electrodes are entered into the water and each corresponding element attracted to one or the other. The process results in two different types of water that make up conventional tap water. The acidic half of the water is said to be great for cleaning various surfaces and watering plants. The alkaline water is ideal for drinking and is said to have numerous health benefits after extended use. Reports of anti-aging effects, the curing or prevention of degenerative disease, more energy, better hydration, and other health benefits have all been associated with ionized water.

The Best Water Ionizers and Alkaline Water Machine

While the technology ionized water began in the far East, alkaline water ionizers have finally made its way to the West and is becoming a widely accepted form of alternative medicine. By raising the alkalinity of your tap water, the substance can then more easily be absorbed into the cells, for better hydration. The secret lies in the added oxygen of ionized water, the

backbone of life instilled within regular tap water for increased overall health and the ability to fight countless ailments of the body. Hence, the recent surge in the manufacturing of alkaline water ionizers.

In today’s day and age, we are exposed to an infinite number of acidic materials both in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Alkaline ionized water has been known to neutralize these acids and flush the body of them. Experts believe that an increase in alkalinity within the body keeps one free of toxins and promotes better overall health. With so many different types of alkaline water ionizers on the market, the idea and investment might seem a little overwhelming at first. However, testimonials of regular individuals who have found the benefits of alkaline water will tell you that the results are real.

Doctors and health professionals who have studied the effects of ionized alkaline water have concluded that not only is the substance a healthier way to stay hydrated, but can even act as a universal medicine. Since proper hydration is one of the key components to any healthy body, experts have concluded that not only can alkaline water prevent disease, but it can clear up existing conditions. Because ionized water is more easily absorbed into the cells of the body, health benefits of alkaline water can be seen and felt throughout.

With so many beneficial aspects to alkaline ionized water, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming one of the most revolutionary forms of alternative medicine. The simple process of creating alkaline water is a simple and beneficial way to maintain proper hydration, remove toxins from the body, and maintain a higher PH level within the body. Although an alkaline water ionizer can be quite an investment, individuals who have taken the step speak worlds about the health benefits of alkaline water. Become one of the many individuals who have discovered that better health can be as simple as turning on the faucet. Check out the many alkaline water ionizers for sale and witness for yourself the positive results of the science of ionized water.



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