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BTM- 4000 Alkaline Ionizer System.

Our Water Ionisers attach to the tap to provide a continuous flow of ionised water. The pH automatically adjusts there is an automated self-cleaning function.  The attractive, simple design includes digital display, voice messages and easy one-touch controls and is ideal for home use or in a small business environment.

Our system completely filters out impurities during the first stage, and then through the process of electrolysis the minerals dissolved in the water are separated into two groups - alkaline and acidic. The alkaline ionized water is healthy for drinking, free of bacteria and viruses, and the acidic ionized water is good for skin and hair care, as well as other external uses.

Tap water contains impurities like chlorine and lead. These harmful impurities are extracted and discarded by our filtration system. The resulting alkaline ionized water is abundant in beneficial minerals in their active state. The strong sterilizing power of the Biontech renders ordinary tap water completely safe for drinking, eliminating the need for boiling.


Product  Details:

* Model Number : BTM-200N & BTM-4000
* Fully Imported from KOREA
* Type : Ionizer (Water Ionizer with Purifier)
* Place of Origin Manufacture : Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
* Certification : ISO 9001/14001, GMP, NRTL, CE, IECEE, PSE, FDA Class I

* Water supply : Direct Pipe
* Use : Faucet-Mounted
* Body Size : W280 x H360 x D140 mm
* Weight : 5Kg
* Voltage : AC 220V 50~60Hz
* Power : 120w
* Water pressure : 0.7~6.0kgf/
* Temperature : 5°C~35°C
* Overheat- prevention : Two built-in temps. Sensor (auto reset)
* Electrodes cell : Electrolysis Continuous
* Capacity : 3.3Liter / Minute ( Max )
* Electrolysis stage : 5 steps for alkaline water / 1 step for acidic water
* Electrolytic cleaning : Auto washing

* Electrode : Platonized titanium 5 Plated

* ORP Value ( Oxidation reduction potential ): 250 - 400

* Filter replacement: Cartridge method
* Filter life : 3000 Liters
* Indication : FND figure display

* Filter material : Non-woven, pp filter, GAC, silver-added active carbon, calcium sulfite,                                                           

   Block carbon, U/F membrane filter (Optional).
* Operation indication : Sound

* Warranty : One Year Manufacture Warranty

- Automatic Adjustment to Optimum PH Level
- Artificial Intelligent Sensor System
- More Than 500v of Maximum Reduction Power
- Advanced Silver Nano Special Filter
- Automatic Self Cleaning and Self Drainage Functions
- Filter Usage and Replacement Period Display
- Installation of Main Body Sing-Type On/Off Ceramic Valve
- Subdivision of PH Steps into 8 Steps
- One Touch Selection Mode
- Water Supply Adjustment Valve
- Recognition System Approving Genuine Filter
- Smart and Compact Design

- Korea Market Share No.1                                                   
- Korea Brand Power No.1
- 27 years experienced in Water Ionizer
- Exporting to 30 Countries



2010~2011 1st Award for KS-QEI by KSA (Korean Standards Association).
2010~2011 Best Hit Product by Korea Brand Association.

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